Who We Are

Barbie Kennedy Designs is an innovator in the American Tile Industry and creates handcrafted products. BKD creates beautiful designs using multiple materials including natural wood, metal, mirror, stone and glass. Barbie Kennedy Designs is a pioneer in the tile industry and always creating exclusive custom products that are unlike no other.

We service customers and clients all over the country and pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to help them create Artful Surfaces. What makes Barbie Kennedy Designs unique is our ability to explore cutting edge materials resulting in our trend setting demeanor.

About Barbie

About Barbie Kennedy

Growing up in the family tile business and watching her mother create beautiful artwork, Barbie developed her artistic soul and passion for design from family traditions. She graduated from design school and began her journey by working with a leading interior design firm. After that, she spent the last decade combining her love of tile and design by helping designers, builders and homeowner’s source and purchase some of the most beautiful tile and stones from around the world.

Barbie is using her artistic skills to launch a highly personal, hand-designed collection of extraordinary surfaces. The compelling designs are based on the patterns she observes everywhere she goes. Whether inspired by a series of retro circles in a 60’s concrete wall or a bouncing wave Pattern while walking by the river, Barbie is constantly imagining how to interpret shapes and patterns into her designs.

Barbie is a mixologist infusing unexpected materials in expected shapes and patterns. She believes that every home is a personal canvas and should have ‘artful surfaces’ that Represent a person from the inside out.

Collaborating Designers

About Marc Thee

Marc Thee, Co-Founder and Design Principal of Marc-Michaels, is regarded as a leading authority on home fashion and interior design. He graduated from Rollins College and began working in the design field in 1983. In 1985 he co-founded Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc. along with Michael Abbott. Design is truly second nature to Marc; his focus is primarily on high-end residential and commercial projects. Marc Thee is a talented speaker who speaks annually at trade shows, charitable events and on television appearances. After 25 years of designing luxurious homes and boutique hotel projects, Marc Thee has begun creating new collections like his Essence Tile Collection in collaboration with Barbie.

Marc and Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc. have twice been named by Architectural Digest as one of “The Top 100 Designers in the World,” and are recognized by Interior Design Magazine for being #1 for Residential Interior Design. For more information about Marc Thee, please visit MarcThee.com. For more information about the firm, please visit Marc-Michaels.com.

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